Street Sweeper Operator Position

 Local Orange County, CA Street Sweeping company looking to train you to operate our street sweepers.

 A Day in the Life of a Street Sweeper Operator


  • Paid training $12/hr (typically 2-4 weeks)

  • Operators make $14/hr up to $20/hr

  • Paid overtime-Lots Available (top operators make over $50,000/year)

  • Full Medical Benefits (with competitive pricing to include your immediate family members)

  • Health Savings Plan

  • Vacation Pay

  • Fitted Uniforms

  • Get paid every Friday (no more waiting until the end of the month to get paid)

  • Job Security- we’ve NEVER had a layoff during out 60 years in business

  • Daytime work- be home with your family every night


This position is more than a job.  It is a career for the right person.  If that interests you, it is very important you read this entire post all the way to the end.  It will tell you what you need to know and how you need to apply.



- No sweeping experience needed.

- Class A, B or C drivers license

- H6 (10 year) print out from the DMV that is less that 120 days old (will be needed at next step)

- A good 10 year driving record is required.  See the Driving Record Guidelines to make sure you qualify.

- No alcohol related convictions within 10 years.

- Must have ability to speak, understand, write and read English

- High School Diploma or equivalent skill set required

- Must be able to follow verbal & written directions (including these)

- Ability to work independently, customer service skills, organizational skills, and a positive attitude are required

- Must pass physical, drug test and insurance clearance.  We also do random testing.

- Must be able to lift 50 lbs on a frequent basis.

- Must be able to climb into and onto the vehicles up to a hundred times per day.

- Must be at least 23 years old, (21 with military or special training.)

- Must be 6’ 2” or under

- Must be 250 lbs or under.    (Sorry, trucks are custom built – large people just don’t fit)

- Must be able to work long hours and weekends.

- Must live within 15-20 minutes of the City of Orange – or willing to relocate within 6 months of getting position.  (FYI: many people think they can drive a sweeper 8-12 hours per day, then add a 45-60 min. commute at each end. Burnout is so fast we won’t even consider it. It also means you are not close enough to pick up extra hours.)

- Basic  mechanical automotive experience is required.

(These are not part of the everyday job duties but used as guide to determine what “basic” is referring to.  The successful applicant would be confident in the following:   changing belts, oil, filters, tires, tail light bulbs and spark plugs.  Installing a car stereo or trouble shooting fuses. )  Experience beyond basic is a plus.  Diesel/automotive technicians will be given serious consideration and may be able to split time between operating sweepers and working in the shop.


How to Apply

The next step is a little different than most processes.  On the next page we will ask you to download a Work History Form, fill it out and upload it back to us.

We do this because most resumes leave off the most important details.  Not to mention many people have their resumes in formats we can’t read, so we end up not even being able to look at people that might be the perfect employee.  You can save the form, so you can take your time to fill it out.  In fact, after you save it, open it again to make sure all the work history was saved.  You wouldn’t believe how many blank work histories we are forced to ignore.  (Don’t wait too long though, because if there is an active Craig’s List Employment Listing, we are actively hiring).

Once you send in your Work History, we will read it.  We read every form.  You took the time, it is the least we can do.  However, not everyone will get a response.   For those that seem like a good fit for this position, we will email and/or call you for a phone interview.

If you pass the phone interview, we will bring you in for a full blown fact to face interview.  Now you can bring your resume, H6, letters of recommendation etc.

One important fact about us is that we do check references.  In fact we often will have the applicant (that’s you) contact his or her old bosses or supervisors to set up reference phone calls.  This ensures we can get past any road blocks, because your old boss is expecting our call.  No need to do this now.  This will be one of the finals stages of the interview process. 

Also, we are sensitive about your current job that may not know you are looking for new employment. 

After you have read all the requirements for this position,  please follow the instructions on the following page.

Best of luck, we look forward to hearing from you.

I have read read everything on this page and I’m ready to apply